"We aspire to support the local diocese and parish with opportunities for Catholics to grow and deepen their faith life"

Lay Sections

Regnum Christi of Charlotte, Triad & Upstate South Carolina

The Greater Charlotte, Triad and Upstate South Carolina Regnum Christi Section is active throughout the Diocese of Charlotte and the Diocese of Charleston. Through weekly encounters, retreats, and apostolic work within the local parishes they serve, the members make a commitment to holiness, community, and apostolate, responding to God’s call in our hearts to make building Christ’s Kingdom the central, driving principal of our lives.

The majority of the Regnum Christi Movement members are lay people—young and old, single and married, men and women—who seek to live out their baptismal commitment to holiness and apostolate more intensely. The men’s Regnum Christi section consists of about 30 men and the women’s section consists of 25 women organized throughout the area in teams.

The lay members can take on various types and levels of commitments. Some decide to give one or several years of their lives in volunteer service as volunteers in the RC Mission Corps. Others opt to consecrate themselves totally to the service of God and their brothers and sisters as consecrated lay men and women.

Leadership Team

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