What is Regnum Christi


Regnum Christi is one among many Catholic movements and associations raised up by the Holy Spirit and approved by the Church to further the work of evangelization. The movement is made up of The Legionaries of Christ, consecrated men and women, diocesan priests, and lay Regnum Christi members who help each other respond faithfully to the universal call to holiness and to work actively in the task of preaching the Gospel.

As a spiritual family, Regnum Christi members love Jesus Christ and what he loves: his Church and souls. We make a commitment to holiness, community, and apostolate, responding to God’s call in our hearts to make building Christ’s Kingdom the central, driving principal of our lives. We seek to evangelize culture, building a civilization of justice and love. In order to do this, in communion with bishops and local clergy, we form apostles who can exercise Christian leadership and influence others. We form these apostles by bringing God’s love to them, inspiring them to fall in love with Jesus Christ, helping them come to know the truths of the Catholic faith, and inviting them to participate actively in the evangelization of culture and society. We seek to serve all people and the whole Church, working as Jesus Christ did when he formed a group of apostles and then sent them out to the whole world. We do this through personalized formation and accompaniment (the sacraments, spiritual direction, coaching and mentoring, etc.), vibrant faith communities, retreats and formation, education, and outreach programs. For more details and presentations on our mission, please click here.

Regnum Christi Service to the Community

Regnum Christi works in full cooperation with the Church and its bishops. It supports the ministry of local dioceses, promotes parish life, and encourages personal initiative in its members for the good of souls.  Regnum Christi strives to be a witness to Christ, living our spirituality and mission as the Holy Spirit intended, with joy, humility, zeal, and passion for Christ. We offer a comprehensive methodology to developing apostleship which provides a pathway for deeper conversion and discovery of one’s apostolic mission aligned with the needs of the local Church. We do this through:

Services to Local Parishes

  • Sacramental assistance
  • Support Parish Ministries
  • Parish Missions

Catholic Community

Regnum Christi Programs

About Regnum Christi

North & South Carolina Regnum Christi Leadership Team

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